Friday, June 21, 2013

Ambrym: Mt Marum Volcano!!

We hiked Mt Marum Volcano while on Ambrym.  Epic hike that took us through the jungle, ash plain, then up to the rim to gaze into the deep at the boiling lava lake!  Volcanoes have become something so very special to me on this trip across the Pacific, starting on the Big Island, Hawaii...

Silica strands are blasted out of the volcano and rain down all over the place.  Dubbed "Pig's Hairs"...

The first big crater we came to.  no lava, but DEEP!

So beautiful!!

The glow from the volcano as we were hiking back...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ambrym: Craig Cove!

We motored around the West end of Ambrym to anchor at Craig Cove.  From here, we will hike the volcano!

glass day motoring around to Craig Cove

local cargo boat

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ambrym: Megapod!

Megapod birds inhabit Ambrym and bury their eggs in the dirt where they are heated by the volcanic vents.  They don't hang about, so we were free to dig them up!  We didn't show up knowing how to do this, but the kids camping on the beach showed us how to do it, and we were so stoked.  We found about 5 eggs, fried up a few, then put the rest in some brownies.  YUM!!

Eggs wrapped up to bring home.


 Oops!  this one was a little overdeveloped.  crunchies!

 Oh Yeah!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Ambrym had been one of the places we were focused on getting to while in Vanuatu.  We finally made it!
Our first anchorage was off a village named Ranon, which is known for its wood carving.  We picked some flutes, then made our way west a bit to a spot we heard had hot springs.  It was beautiful!

 These were some local kids who paddled their canoes down the coast to camp on the beach.  They brought a bit of water and some bananas, otherwise just fished and gathered their food for the camp trip.  

Hot spring water mixing with volcanic mud equals hot mud bath!