Monday, December 9, 2013

The First Passage

The following is a short film compiling our first passage from California to Hawaii.  Due to the limited amount of footage I had, this film paints a picture of just one aspect of our trip.  We do not have footage of the gale force winds, waves crashing over the bow, or radio calls to the coast guard to ask for weather updates just so we could hear someone else's voice and verify our existence out in the sea.  We do not have footage of us upset or arguing, or laying fetal position on the floor of the cabin, or Quinn vomiting off the side of the boat.  We do not have footage of us sailing engineless into Hilo harbor at night, at first on a direct course to crash into the break wall, having the wind die and paddling our way in.  We do not have footage of each individual's inner travels, while gazing at the endless horizon, struggling to understand why we would put ourselves out here.
This was our first passage, and for every joy there was a sorrow.

The passage from California to Hawaii: