Feel free to contact me anytime regarding crossing oceans or multimedia opportunities.

Currently sailing Melanesia.  Onward to Solomon Islands and PNG...


  1. Hi Jacob,

    I am teaching an anthropology class this semester, and I was wondering if I could post your blog link on our class blog? And if I could share your videos (giving you credit, of course)? Also, I hoped maybe you could answer some questions about life in Tikopia today. For instance--what sorts of modern conveniences are available there? What is a typical day on the island like? How do men and women interact? I've got lots more, but that's a start :)

  2. Hey Jacob,
    I knew you back in UCSB. I live in Pago Pago, are you stopping here?

    1. What's up Alex!
      I'll never forget your surf films back in SB.
      I won't be making it to Pago Pago. I'm leaving Vanuatu in a couple days to sail to the Solomon Islands. I'll be there for a few months, and maybe PNG, too. Maybe Indo after that. What are you doing in Pago Pago??

  3. Mr Ells,

    This is Morgan. I don't know how many Morgans you have in your life, but this is the one that was supposed to go on the first leg of your journey with you ;) Also, we grew up together.

    I was reading "The Voyage of the Cormorant" and thinking of you. Hit me up on email. Address is just my full name Would love to hear about how many pounds of rice and beans you've consumed on board Genesis.

    Stay well and sail gracefully.


    P.S. Things got real loose on the waves the other day when I lost a fin box on that fish you loaned me :)

  4. Dear Sir,

    My name is Christina Smith, and I'm a student at Boston University. I am interested in doing a final honors project on the music of the John Frum cult in Tanna, and I had a few questions for you about traveling to Tanna and the specifics of the music being made.
    Would it be possible to connect by email? Thank you so much for your good work and the time put into this blog, especially the recordings of the music on Tanna.
    Thanks so much!

    Christina Smith

  5. Hi
    What's happened to Genesis Earthling?