Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Solomon Islands during cyclone season (notes)

-cyclone warnings
-nasty squalls at any time
-wind usually dies at night
-wind direction always changing
-gribs are poor forecasting
-it might rain, it might not
-no other yachties
-great surf
-windy, rainy, or scorching hot


  1. This journey 'Solomon Islands during cyclone season' is worth to read and really a must visit place for those who love traveling. Great share

  2. I own an invitation and have to replace Cutlass bearing and shaft. If you have done this did u have to pull shaft into boat after lifting engine. Not many Invicta owners to ask. They just scrapped another's in Portland Me.

  3. I would be able to sleep through a 0.03" storm at this point. Looks like SLC could be in the neighborhood of a record dry summer, but not sure where to find the full historical record on this. For more details Visit This Link