Korduroy TV interview interviewed me about my sailing experiences, the terrifying and the awesome. 
See the full interview and photos here.




A Passage to Anuta!




Sailing Life Magazine    June 2014

Published my Tanna article and my About page, and my photo was used for the cover


Reference in Anthropology Class at Caldwell Community College

Photos, videos, and information from my experiences in Tikopia were used in the course



Dylan Silver's story of Jurgen.

Published in Good Old Boat magazine issue 95 March/April 2014:

Dylan Silver

The passage from Hawaii to the Marshall Islands: 


The passage from California to Hawaii:


  1. that dolphin footage at the end is fascinating; not seen it done before and i watch ALLOT of sailing vlogs; no brainer with selfie stick but you did it first (maybe), the audio works well too and you actually get the sense of a conversation happening!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I am not sailing now. Moved home so my partner and I could have our daughter. We'll get back out sailing in a few years.
    Best to you!