Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sewing Teacher??

 I have become a sewing teacher... somehow.  Before arriving in the Marshall Islands, I hadn't spent more than a few hours behind a sewing machine.  How this all began:  Reese and I are cruising about Majuro by bicycle and decide to swing by the canoe house that we'd heard about.  The canoe house is part of Waan Aelõñ in Majel (WAM) school that is continuing the tradition of building traditional Marshallese sailing canoes.  Being sailors, we appreciate all forms of sailing craft, and I particularly am a fan of outrigger sailing canoes!  
A few of the people that run the show here are other sailors who we'd met before, and they mention that they have some nice heavy duty sewing machines and need some teachers for the trainees in the school.  You guys know how to sew?  Totally!  We can't pay you, though.  Trade?  In addition to full use of the machines for boat projects, we traded for time on the sailing canoes and internet time(which is actually a pretty good deal in the Marshalls).  Also, once we get paying projects into the school, we'll get a cut of the job.  Deal.  We are now sewing teachers.

The mini sail loft...

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