Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The big sister to Anuta, lying 60 miles to the Southwest, is Tikopia.  A beautiful island, with half the crater blown out, and a lake sitting right in the middle, Tikopia is nearly as remote as Anuta, and Tikopians live a traditional Polynesian life.
Our route was putting us close to Tikopia, but we weren't planning on stopping there, being that we were on somewhat of a schedule to get to Vanuatu.  After leaving Anuta in the afternoon, we sailed overnight towards Vanuatu, but the wind died off unexpectedly the next day.  With Tikopia now visible on the horizon, just 30 miles to the West, it became obvious that we were to sail there.  Well, with almost no wind, sailing alone wasn't going to get is there, so we turned on the engine, and "motor-sailed" our way, arriving just before sunset.

One of our greeters upon Arrival in Tikopia showing us his catch

 We traded some fishing line and a lure for fresh tuna from this dude.  Sashimi!!!

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