Monday, July 8, 2013

Tanna: Mt Yasur Volcano!!

We opted to hike from Port Resolution to Mt Yasur, rather than take the short taxi ride.
Once at the base of the volcano, it was a steep, but short hike to the crater.  Nothing could have prepared me for what I would encounter at the top...

 My folks with me at the crater


Everyone at the crater left just after sunset.  I was alone with the volcano.  I couldn't believe I had it all to myself.  Continuing to explode every few minutes, I watched the volcano in awe.  It was breathtaking, and not in the figurative sense.  I would find myself gasping for air, realizing, so mesmerized by the sight, that I had stopped breathing.

When the volcano would explode, whatever emotion I was feeling or thought that was in my head, the lava would expand right into it.  It would explode into that single emotion or single thought, consuming every bit of me.  I disappeared when the volcano exploded.

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  1. This seems like real nature! Can´t believe how wonderful our planet is! Thank you for sharing!

    by: Yoram Yasur