Friday, May 1, 2015

This Life ... notes on voyaging aboard

LAYERS.  You think you know something about life, then you peel another layer off and know nothing.  Around again in the spiral
24/7 with partner
Very very remote. Feels… goooooooood.
Primal energy, intense present momentness
Living on the boat is a way of life.  no comforts or conveniences
We had to build a new support system.  Our “daily maintenance” was necessary, including creative outlet, exercise, relationship, and meditation.
Cravings intensified, then faded.
Catching fish, eating coconuts, algae: “so I spend a few hours in nature, and I come back with dinner?”  Such a new concept for us.
Challenges complimenting the awesomeness
Fine line between nirvana and madness
Must surrender to a Higher Power

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